Transforming Soil Analysis From Sample to Results

Powerful Soil Health Insights at Your Fingertips

Healthy soil is more productive soil. Like many things in life, the best way to improve health is to measure it. Our end-to-end platform gives agronomists and growers the tools to measure and analyze their soil, backed by our proprietary sensor technology that delivers highly accurate results in the field.

Discover dependable insights to build productive, resilient soil.


Save time with optimized sampling 

Test soil in the right places with automated sampling location recommendations that will save you time, reduce costs and deliver more accurate results.


Support your growers, anytime, anywhere

Access and manage your growers' fields on-the-go from your smart device, with offline-enabled capabilities, so you can support growers when they need you.


Easily understand soil across fields

Discover intuitive, easy-to-use soil test results and proprietary heat maps that make data-driven decisions easy.

Our Agronomist Solution

  • Optimize soil testing with machine learning powered sample point recommendations

  • Manage your growers' data all in one place

  • Visualize all of your soil test results

  • View entire farm with high resolution heat maps

“We need to cover a lot of the acres and we can only test so many spots in the field because it’s expensive. The results can be complex when what we need is simple recommendations. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of numbers on a sheet. I hope that technology can help us see and quantify our progress in building our soils and producing healthier food.”



Angela Knuth
Regenerative Farmer 
Mead, Nebraska

Why soil health

Giving agronomists, farmers and ranchers the tools to build healthy farms, from the ground up.


Without soil, we cannot grow food

Topsoil is responsible for 95% of the food we eat, however, it is disappearing from farms due to intensive practices.

Healthy soil boosts farmer profits

Putting soil first has to make dollars and sense to farmers. Adopting soil health practices has proven to significantly increase profit, cut costs and increase resiliency based on real-world, on-farm data collected by the Soil Health Institute.


Reduce soaring fertilizer costs

Fertilizer prices have skyrocketed as much as 300%  since early 2021 and many farmers have struggled to keep up with price hikes and shortages. Accurate soil health measurements help farmers understand how much fertilizer to apply to reduce costs, optimize crop yield and build healthier soil.

Recarbonize our soil

Carbon is the backbone of life and there’s not nearly enough carbon in the soil. In fact, sequestering carbon into soil can play a role in decarbonizing our atmosphere.


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Carbon is not a dirty word: the case for recarbonizing our soils

For all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, there’s not nearly enough carbon in the soil. In fact, recarbonizing our soil can play a role in decarbonizing our atmosphere.

Author: Karn Manhas, Terramera CEO

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